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AMFI : Official Sponsor of World's Highest Pop-up Dining Experience!


Everest is calling!

Arab Marketing & Finance Inc. (AMFI) SAL will be sponsoring the second edition of Triyagyoni: the highest pop-up dining experience in the world! This exquisite event will take place in May 2020, symbolizing a noble mission of unity, sustainability, and indigenous cuisine. 

Chef Sanjay Thakur, founder of Triyagyoni will be joined by WorldChefs President Chef Thomas A Gugler, on a journey to the peak of the Everest, where a 7-course menu will be cooked and served to 25 adventurers at a record-breaking altitude of over 6,000 meters.

Inspired by the Himalayan region, the whole purpose of creating Triyagyoni is to promote indigenous ingredients and sustainability. It is a unique event that shows that restaurants can be created anywhere, even at extreme altitudes, and that anything is possible when people unite for a higher cause. 

Stay tuned for more news!