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US Poultry Instagram Live Cooking Sessions

The USA Poultry and Egg Export Council

USAPEEC Middle East, and with the help of Illinois Soybean funds, held cooking sessions with regionally famous chefs with a big number of followers: Chef Daad Azar Abu Jaber (159K followers) and Chef Iman Ammari (297K followers).

Successful online cooking sessions went live on July 4 and 18 with Chef Iman and 11 and 18 with Chef Daad. A total of 4 live sessions (30-45mins each) gathered a big number of viewers with preliminary stories, posts and lives promoting the day and time on both Facebook and Instagram.


These online cooking sessions targeted audience mainly from Kuwait, Qatar, UAE and Jordan through a combination of posts, lives and stories resulting in maximised online reach.  

Chef Iman Ammari, the founder and owner of Cherry Tree shop, prepared “BBQ Chicken” and “Tenduri Chicken” recipes using U.S. chicken cuts. Followers showed a great interest in the recipes where they showered Chef Iman with questions about a lot of tips and techniques in their preparation methods. She reached around 300,000 viewers in posts, likes, and live streams.


Chef Daad Azar Abujaber is a passionate chef, a cookbook author, and a culinary show host on the famous Fatafeat channel. She performed her amazing online live cooking sessions preparing “Fried chicken served with mashed potatoes, coleslaw salad and toasted walnuts” as well as “Chicken Fatteh”. Chef Daad introduced her ingredient list before cooking where she talked about the high quality and the uniqueness of the U.S. chicken. Around 160,000 viewers were counted.