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The Pear Bureau Northwest was established in 1931 as a non-profit marketing organization to promote, advertise and develop markets for fresh pears grown in Oregon and Washington. Pears from these two Northwest states are distributed under the USA Pears brand.

Combined, Oregon and Washington comprise the nation's largest pear producing region. They produce approximately 84% of all fresh pears grown in the United States, and more than 94% of all winter pears (non-Bartlett varieties such as Bosc and Anjou). They also account for 92% of America's fresh pear exports. The 1,600 growers and 50 packers and shippers represented by the Pear Bureau Northwest take pride in their ability to produce top-quality fresh USA Pears for the world market. Fresh pears are a delicious and popular fruit choice among consumers of all ages and worldwide consumption of USA Pears is increasing every year.

Marketing and Promotions
Through professional representatives in the U.S. and around the world, the Bureau coordinates activities designed to increase awareness and consumption of fresh USA Pears. Domestically, the director of marketing and six regional managers work with national and regional retailers and local fruit-packers to market USA Pears via point of sale material, special promotions and children's activities. Coordinated by the director of international marketing, international marketing representatives in more than thirty countries manage and develop promotions for USA Pears with activities and materials tailored to each country's market.

Research and Reports
The Pear Bureau Northwest facilitates research on behalf of the Northwest pear industry in areas such as consumer awareness and preferences, nutritional benefits and emerging domestic and international markets. Reports specific to the Northwest pear industry (such as crop estimates and size and grade summaries) are produced and distributed each season to the Pear Bureau members