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Hello Kitty Run Dubai AMFI

Pear Bureau Northwest

On December 14th 2018 in Zabeel Park, more than 5,000 runners gathered to take part in the non-competitive 5 km Hello Kitty Run Dubai activity to promote wellbeing, health, an active lifestyle and harmony among communities of adults and children of all ages from three years and above. The immense USA pears tent attracted huge crowds, including parents and children who were eager to learn about the health benefits of USA pears and how they could become part of their daily diet. People headed to the USA pears tent to refuel with either some USA pear juice or some fruit bites, as well as to interact with the health professionals on-site who answered health-related questions and offered free individualized nutrition assessment and advice. The USA Green Anjou pear mascot stole everyone’s hearts, children and adults alike. Everyone seemed to have established the connection between USA pears and healthy eating.