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US Beef Participation in Middle East Chef Excellence Awards

U.S. Meat Export Federation

USMEF (US Meat Export Council) and NCBA (National Cattlemen's Beef Association) participated at the Hozpitality Group's Middle East Chef Excellence Awards which remunerated chefs working in hotels, resorts, apartments, airlines (domestic & international), restaurants (freestanding or in hotels) and facility management companies.  Around 600 nominations were received online for various categories. USMEF highly increased its exposure among the foodservice sector by taking part in this event and benefited from several branding opportunities. In addition, a competition, open to all young chefs of 28 years of age and below, was part of this activity and consisted of several rounds. The five finalists selected from Round II carried out the final cook-offs during the event’s ceremony with chefs in action being showcased on a big screen.As a result, the young chefs were able to learn more about the versatility, quality, and profitability of U.S. beef while cooking and preparing numerous U.S. beef dishes. Chefs were also able to distinguish the tenderness, juiciness and succulence of U.S. beef compared to its counterparts.