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Competitive Advantages

As your in-market representative, AMFI offers competitive advantages that set it apart from other market consultant companies:
  • Long Experience
    Over 30 years of representing U.S. Agriculture Cooperator programs; includes strategic planning, program implementation, development and production of print and audio visual materials, as well as culinary arts experience.  Experience also encompasses a plethora of issues related to trade, consumers, government bodies, market access, as well as extensive knowledge of the region’s economic and political situation, retail, foodservice, and food processing /manufacturing sectors.  Unmatched in the region, is AMFI’s experience with FAS regulations.
  • Credibility
    Proven track record in providing consistent expert services which serve to enhance client relations with customers, target groups, and members.
  • Value
    Collaborative approach with U.S. headquarters offices ensures the delivery of a cost effective program with the maximum possible benefits and impact.
  • Objectivity
    AMFI is able to provide objective input, based on facts, trends, and obstacles unique to each market in the region.
  • Focus
    Dedication to developing markets exclusively for U.S. food and agriculture products means that there are no outside distractions that might compromise quality of performance.
  • Greater Flexibility
    Ability to adapt to new or unexpected circumstances and adopt coping strategies to get the job done.
  • Personal Connections
    Access to key trade and government officials across target markets facilitates program execution, fosters long term relationships, and allows for robust problem solving.
  • Effective Communication
    Effective communication  internally, as well as with region’s target audiences and with U.S. headquarter office contributes to a smooth  and efficient operating culture, enhances productivity, and  ensures that all parties involved are aligned in efforts to support goals and objectives.
  • Speed
    Delivery of information and services is fast, and prompt response to all communication and inquiries is a priority.
  • Insight
    Ability and willingness to evaluate new opportunities and drive growth, based on market evidence.