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Marketing & PR

AMFI is a leading provider of PR and marketing solutions for the American Food and Agricultural Industry.

Building on over 40 years’ solid experience in food PR and marketing, AMFI’s Team has an unrivalled knowledge of many specialist markets including poultry, ingredients, meats, fruits & vegetables, fish along with numerous other related food sectors. 

At AMFI, we are passionate about how professional PR and Marketing strategies can quickly grow a business and make brands household names. We work with some of the biggest names in the U.S food and Agriculture, having as much fun creating compelling campaigns as our clients do in creating food.

Our Food PR & Marketing team is made up of food specialists and dynamic marketing people who also happen to be passionate food lovers with one aim to raise the profile and awareness of your products.

Our aim at AMFI is simply to make the most of your marketing budget by combining creativity and know-how with common sense and help your business taste greater success!